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A report on the implementation of the 2018 national economic and social development plan and the 2019 draft national economic and social development plan was released on March 17. The report makes detailed arrangements for China's economic and social development in 2019.
Ecological management
28. Seven major campaigns will be focused on winning the battle to protect the blue sky, pollution control of diesel trucks, treatment of urban black and smelly water bodies, protection and restoration of the Yangtze river, comprehensive treatment of the bohai sea, pollution control of agriculture and rural areas, and protection of water sources.
Implement the three-year action plan to improve the quality and efficiency of urban sewage treatment.
We will comprehensively promote the sorting of urban household waste.
31. Organize and implement the pilot project for the construction of "non-waste cities" and the prevention and control action on the pollution of waste lead batteries.
We will effectively promote clean winter heating in northern China, and concentrate resources on coal burning in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region and its surrounding areas, as well as in the fen and wei plain.
33. Strengthen the construction of natural gas production, supply, storage and marketing system, and carry out measures to replace coal with natural gas in an orderly manner in accordance with the principle of "changing from coal to natural gas based on natural gas".
34. We will comprehensively demarcate and calibrate ecological protection red lines and build a platform for monitoring them.
35. Implement national water-saving actions to improve water resource management and utilization efficiency.
We will accelerate the implementation of green manufacturing projects and promote the development of green industries such as energy conservation and environmental protection.

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